antidiuretic drug

a drug that limits the formation of urine
Syn: ↑antidiuretic
Hypernyms: ↑medicine, ↑medication, ↑medicament, ↑medicinal drug
Hyponyms: ↑lypressin

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  • antidiuretic — noun a drug that limits the formation of urine • Syn: ↑antidiuretic drug • Hypernyms: ↑medicine, ↑medication, ↑medicament, ↑medicinal drug • Hyponyms: ↑lypressin …   Useful english dictionary

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  • syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone — (SIADH) hyponatremia with decreased extracellular fluid osmolality, inability to produce dilute urine, normovolemia, and elevated urinary sodium excretion, in the absence of kidney disease or other cause of normovolemic hypo osmolality. Causes… …   Medical dictionary

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